We see an urgent need to implement an "inclusivity and and anti-discrimination" education program into our school system. Students of all ages will benefit from this program by applying a variety of social  and problem solving skills. They learn to think critically and help each other find solutions through interactive and creative tasks.

Here are some of the various programs we have:

Analyzing Advertising

  • learn how to be ad-savvy, explore ads that you get in contact with, what are they trying to sell, what are they trying to hide. Use critical thinking skills.

True Price

  • What are the impacts (positive or negative) of a product. How do our choices affect others, ourselves, earth and animals.

Whom to pet and whom to eat?

  • What are the differences of one type of animal to the other. How do we judge, look and treat different animals?

How did that end up on my plate?

  • Evaluate how several products get on our plate, from seed to table, what costs and resources are involved, whom does it affect?

What does freedom mean?

  • What is oppression? What is the difference of oppression and freedom? Who is free, who is oppressed?

The Dreaded Comparison

  • How are oppressions linked? What systems allow oppression.

One person can make a difference:

  • Everybody can become a social change maker and create positive change. Learn how to apply your power to help others.

Please contact us at info@scmsociety.org  if you would like to set up a workshop program for your school, this could be anywhere from an hour to a full week. We offer different programs for different age groups.