Hi, my name is Daniela and I am a Social Change Maker

My goal with Social Change Makers is to connect with other individuals and groups who seek justice and the end of power structures that keep marginalized individuals oppressed. It is important we understand the different underlying causes of these systems of oppression and work together to dismantle them. I am forever thankful to those many people who have done amazing justice work, from whom I learn daily and continue to learn.

I focus on creating educational videos and a program/lecture for schools to implement into their curriculum regarding discrimination and inequality. 





Hi, my name is Maritza and I am a Social Change Maker.

My goal with Social Change Makers is to be able to provide the necessary tools, through education, to marginalized groups in different communities so they can find the strength and courage to raise their voices and make them be heard to hopefully end all discrimination and create a more inclusive society.

I focus on creating non-fiction children’s picture books about veganism, the environment and social justice, and how everything is interconnected. My hope is to empower future generations and to inspire them to bring about change for a more just world. To learn more about my work, please visit: www.veganchildrenbooks.com





Hi, my name is Berni and I am a Social Change Maker.

My goal with Social Change Makers is to bring awareness about injustice and oppression and to educate how we can change to create a more just world for all. I never understood privilege or discrimination when growing up, it was something I had to learn later in life by listening to others who were marginalized and oppressed in our society. This gave me insight of how much I needed to learn and change myself. 

I hope that our videos and content can help others see that our lives have been indoctrinated by a system that thrives on marginalizing and oppressing more vulnerable individuals.